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Sample Marketing Plan For Financial Advisors

Your biggest challenge, as it is for many financial advisors, may be to “find qualified leads” and “attract people to what I do.”

What’s holding you back?

For some financial advisors it’s squeezing time from your day, as you’re caught in a juggling act between being a marketer and being a financial advisor. For others, it’s not having a course of action that’s well mapped out. That leads to prospecting and lead generation that’s slapdash and unpredictable.

This example of a marketing plan provides a solution.

It hands you a direct path to more appointments and more clients. And that saves your precious time. You’ll be able to zero in on proven marketing tools that will be most effective for your unique financial advisory practice.

7 Simple Steps: Client-Attraction Sample Marketing Plan

Financial Advisor’s Marketing Plan Step 1 - State Your Desired Outcome

It may be to add 8 new A clients in 6 months; it could be to gain $10 million in assets under management in 10 months; it could be to become the premier financial advisor for family-owned businesses in the Atlanta region within the next year.

Just be sure you spell out your purpose in specific detail.

Financial Advisor’s Marketing Plan Step 2 – Understand Your Target Market

We start with the “Who” for a strategic reason. The “Who” refers to your Ideal Prospects. Draw a sharp portrait of your Ideal Target Market with concrete details

How detailed?

You really want to grasp exactly what they want from you.

To do that you must be able to fill in blanks such as:

Their suffocating, won’t-let-go fears are __________

The roaring volcano of a problem that keeps them up at night is _____________

Their hopes, desires, and dreams are ______________

They live here __________________

The associations they belong to are __________________

There are additional vital questions that will fortify your marketing plan, but the point is NOT to build your plan on a shaky, wavering foundation.

Financial Advisor’s Marketing Plan Step 3 – Differentiate Your Practice To Leave The Pack Behind

We call differentiation your Unique Strategic Positioning. It starts with vital questions like these:

  • What are my strengths as an individual?
  • How do I stand out as a financial advisor?
  • Where is my passion?

Then, you are ready to answer this one overriding question: How can I gain dramatic differentiation over everyone else in my field?

Financial Advisor’s Marketing Plan Step 4 – Pack Your Plan With Proof

Proof is paramount.

You’ll need a superabundance of Credibility Builders and Believability Boosters to win over your skeptical prospects. People are more suspicious than ever. And this step is one that’s missing from most financial advisor’s marketing plans.

It’s a fact that financial Advisors cannot call on the one profitable tool other marketers rely on . . . and that is testimonials. You are always under the nervous eye of Compliance.

We had the chance to run all our best proof-building ideas by Compliance, and we came away with 14 approved ones that most financial advisors are not taking advantage of.

Financial Advisor’s Marketing Plan Step 5 – Choose Your Marketing Tools

Now you’re ready to select the tactics that will be effective in accomplishing your purpose.

Create a list of possible marketing methods that seem to have potential for you. The more you know about yourself, your clients, and your ideal prospects the easier this step will be.

From a long list select your priorities . . . your marketing tools.

Warning: We said marketing tools. That's "tools" in the plural. Relying on one, and only one, marketing method is reckless and foolhardy.

The best marketing plan sets you up to engage in a sequence of contacts with various media over time. One marketing tool reinforces the other for extra marketing oomph.

A Word About Your Budget: It’s vital to invest time, money, and people into marketing. But how much? Two numbers are important in this decision: the cost to bring in a client and the lifetime value of your clients.

Know those figures and you’ll know how much you can afford to invest in marketing.

Financial Advisor’s Marketing Plan Step 6 – Generate A Marketing Action Guide

In the Action Guide you fill in the who, what, when, where, and how of your marketing plan. One contact is never enough in the real world of distractions, clutter, and overload. Here’s where you set out your marketing sequence in full detail.

Don’t let your action guide disappear in the clamor of day-to-day business. Instead, put it where you can go face to face with it daily.

Financial Advisor’s Marketing Plan Step 7 – Assess Your Results

Keep a record of where each prospect and every client came from. Then, you’ll know with certainty how well each marketing tool is performing.

Lily Tomlin, the actress, said,
“The road to success is always under construction.”

At the end of your 6 month or 8 month plan, start over again. Pursue with all your might what is working. Drop the duds, and add a new twist or a new marketing tool to your mix.

For more information about developing your marketing plan . . .


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